[ buhl-gair-ee-uhn, bool- ]


  1. Also Bul·gar []. a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria.
  2. a Slavic language, the language of Bulgaria. : Bulg., Bulg


  1. of or relating to Bulgaria, its people, or their language.

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Other Words From

  • an·ti-Bul·gar·i·an adjective noun
  • pro-Bul·gar·i·an adjective noun
  • pseu·do-Bul·gar·i·an adjective noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Bulgarian1

First recorded in 1545–55; Bulgari(a) + -an

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Example Sentences

Bulgarian authorities have charged an ultranationalist presidential candidate in connection with an attack against an LGBTQ community center.

A Bulgarian LGBTQ rights group says the leader of an ultranationalist political party who is running for president led an attack against their offices and community center on Saturday.

It was a collaboration between Hofstede the Elder, his son Gert Jan, who’d begun working with him by now, and a Bulgarian linguist named Michael Minkov, who had been analyzing data from the World Values Survey.

Vitosha Venture Partners is a brand new venture fund launching out of Bulgaria, and backed by the Bulgarian government.

After studying various suitable cultures, he zeroed in on Bulgarian bacilli, widely used in Eastern Europe to make yogurt.

Last week, Bulgarian archaeologists unearthed an unusual 13th-century grave in an ancient city named Thracian.

“The Bulgarian Brute,” the excitable announcers called Rusev.

No matter that Rusev is Bulgarian and Lana is an American called Catherine (C.J.) Perry.

Ruseva told Bulgarian reporters that she would like to take Maria back and care for her, or at least get to know her.

“I had no food for the child,” Ruseva told Bulgarian television.

If you could speak with this poor Bulgarian, you would find his mind as waste as the land around you.

The next morning the Bulgarian cavalry advanced to the charge.

He entered the Bulgarian service in 1879, and in 1881 became minister of education at Sofia.

Of this I was assured by a renegado slave, a Bulgarian by birth, who belonged to the lady I have mentioned.

Then, besides, the military temptation offered the Bulgarian staff was irresistible.


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