[byoo-lim-ik, -lee-mik, boo-, buh-]


pertaining to, resembling, or affected by bulimia.


a person suffering from bulimia.

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Also bu·lim·i·ac [byoo-lim-ee-ak, -lee-mee-, boo-, buh-] /byuˈlɪm iˌæk, -ˈli mi-, bu-, bə-/.

Origin of bulimic

1850–55; bulim(y) earlier form of bulimia + -ic, or bulimi(a) + -ac

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Word Origin and History for bulimiac



1854, "voracious;" see bulimia + -ic. Meaning "suffering from bulimia nervosa" is recorded from 1977. The noun in this sense is from 1980.

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