Bull Moose

  1. a member of the Progressive Party under the leadership of Theodore Roosevelt.

Origin of Bull Moose

An Americanism dating back to 1880–85
  • Also called Bull Mooser [moo-ser]. /ˈmu sər/.

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How to use Bull Moose in a sentence

  • TR won the primaries, was denied the nomination, split off and formed the Progressive Party (aka, the Bull Moose Party).

  • A bull-moose might almost have thrust his great head over our shoulders and have escaped unnoticed.

  • Slowly, with all the caution born of that day's experience, a huge Bull Moose walked out into the glow of the moon.

    The Wolf Hunters | James Oliver Curwood
  • Yet to those long slender ears of the Bull Moose, slanting beyond the heavy plates of his horns, there came a sound.

    The Wolf Hunters | James Oliver Curwood
  • It was a giant Bull Moose, a savage enough fellow even when confronted by an armed, cool and experienced hunter.

  • And so they reluctantly gave up the notion of carrying the big head of the Bull Moose back to the Post.

    The Wolf Hunters | James Oliver Curwood