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  1. a small metal projectile, part of a cartridge, for firing from small arms.

  2. a cartridge.

  1. a small ball.

  2. Printing. a heavy dot for marking paragraphs or otherwise calling attention to or itemizing particular sections of text, especially in display advertising.

  3. Cards. an ace.

verb (used without object),bul·let·ed, bul·let·ing.
  1. to move swiftly.

Idioms about bullet

  1. bite the bullet, to force oneself to perform a painful, difficult task or to endure an unpleasant situation: We'll just have to bite the bullet and pay higher taxes.

Origin of bullet

1550–60; <Middle French boullette, equivalent to boulle ball (see bowl2) + -ette-ette

Other words from bullet

  • bul·let·less, adjective
  • bul·let·like, adjective

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How to use bullet in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for bullet


/ (ˈbʊlɪt) /

    • a small metallic missile enclosed in a cartridge, used as the projectile of a gun, rifle, etc

    • the entire cartridge

  1. something resembling a bullet, esp in shape or effect

  1. stock exchange a fixed interest security with a single maturity date

  2. commerce a security that offers a fixed interest and matures on a fixed date

  3. commerce

    • the final repayment of a loan that repays the whole of the sum borrowed, as interim payments have been for interest only

    • (as modifier): a bullet loan

  4. British slang dismissal, sometimes without notice (esp in the phrases get or give the bullet)

  5. printing See centred dot

  6. bite the bullet See bite (def. 14)

Origin of bullet

C16: from French boulette, diminutive of boule ball; see bowl ²

Derived forms of bullet

  • bullet-like, adjective

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see bite the bullet; sweat bullets.

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