[ by-loh ]


  1. Prince Bern·hard von [prins, , bern, -hahrt f, uh, n], 1849–1929, chancellor of Germany 1900–09.
  2. Hans (Gu·i·do Frei·herr) von [hahns goo-, ee, -doh, frahy, -her f, uh, n], 1830–94, German pianist and conductor.


/ ˈbylo /


  1. BülowBernhard von18491929MGermanPOLITICS: statesman Prince Bernhard von (ˈbɛrnhart fɔn). 1849–1929, chancellor of Germany (1900–09)

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Lakrids by Bülow now draws 63 percent of its revenues from outside Denmark, but this progress is driven by its range of chocolate-covered sweet licorice.

From Eater

In 2008, Sunny von Bulow died at 76, after almost 28 years in a coma.

“He fell twice on a barbecue fork,” von Bulow told me some time ago.

One of our guests asked to bring as her date Claus Von Bulow, a very social, witty, good-looking Dane living in London.

After Claus Von Bulow won his appeal, Simon Schuster commissioned Reynolds to write a book about her affair.

I met Sunny von Bulow more than two decades before I fell in love with her husband, Claus von Bulow.

At length Bulow was strong enough to push down into the valley, and occupy the wood of Pris, whence he could assail Planchenoit.

Blucher however was with Bulow's corps, and he was eager to press forward, at whatever cost.

Bulow's corps is in action, and Ziethen's shall support it with every man and gun.

I can produce one of the original bills posted on the walls of Lige by General von Bulow.

At the moment, when Bulow's corps penetrated our right, I was at head-quarters at the farm of Caillou.


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