[ bur-bangk ]


  1. Luther, 1849–1926, U.S. horticulturist and plant breeder.
  2. a city in SW California.
  3. a town in central Illinois.

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Example Sentences

Hoping the market had reached bottom, Tamaddon and Veres, who helps run his family’s card shop in Burbank, agreed to bid as much as $210,000.

According to family members, his father, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who worked as a tree trimmer, repeatedly assaulted his mother, who was from Burbank, California.

During my first drive in a Bolt EUV prototype from Marina Del Rey to Burbank and back in peak Los Angeles rush hour traffic, Super Cruise seemed a little bit “off.”

They’re not going to drive from Malibu to Burbank for a meet-and-greet.

From Digiday

The city gross-receipts tax pushes businesses to tax-friendly cities next door, like West Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Burbank.

“Attention, Costco buyers … ” Rivers bellowed through a bullhorn at the Burbank, Calif., location of the superstore chain.

Kutcher was on set in Burbank when police were notified that shots were fired inside the house, and that no one could get out.

Arrested on misdemeanor citation for driving with a suspended license in Burbank.

In fact, heads have already started to roll right out of the Team Disney building and onto Dopey Drive in Burbank.

In other words, Luther Burbank has shown us that we can "change plant nature."

It has been shown by Mr. Burbank and myself that electrical force can develop phosphorescent light in certain crystals.

That play cost me some money (helping Burbank stage it) but has never brought me any.

Without apparently looking at it, Burbank passed it to his cashier.

Aleck Burbank went over to order 'em out; one of the fellers said he'd bust his head if he didn't clear out.