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burial ground


  1. a tract of land for burial of the dead; a cemetery, often a small or primitive one.

burial ground


  1. a graveyard or cemetery

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Word History and Origins

Origin of burial ground1

First recorded in 1795–1805

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Example Sentences

The interconnectedness of so many places, the wildlife migrations, the cultural historical areas, the burial grounds, they have to include that Native voice and involve the Tribes.

What Carson and his loyal assistant Harriet believe to be an ancient burial ground, the reader knows to be a standard roadside Motel 6.

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It was part of the burial grounds for the ancient capital, Memphis, its ruins now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

“I was never particularly interested in cemeteries,” Grace Bateman said as we stood amid the gravestones of Holy Rood, a burial ground that sits on the cusp of Georgetown and Glover Park.

Nearly 10,000 people, most of them freedmen, gathered in the freshly landscaped burial ground to commemorate the dead.

The burial ground was empty except for the occasional horse-drawn caisson being pulled through its quiet lanes.

Over a decade ago, Abdel-Alim donated the land that is now the ceremony to the Islamic society for use as a burial ground.

Dryburgh Abbey was at one time the property of the Scott family, which accounts for its use as their burial-ground.

He died in Washington years after, again a Senator, and is buried in the Congressional burial ground.

The new grave now looks very neat, slabbed all over; and the old burial-ground is ready to build on whenever good times arrive.

Beside it is the mossy burial-ground, where prim old ladies walk on Sunday afternoons, with sprigs of sweet-william.

It has been mentioned that a portion of the burial ground must be left unconsecrated.


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