[ ber-eed ]
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  1. placed in the ground and covered with earth: There are countless opportunities for leaks in the miles of buried, hard-to-inspect pipes under the nuclear plant site.

  2. (of a corpse) placed in the ground or a vault or tomb, or into the sea, often with ceremony: Here, in the largest of these cemeteries, lie 12,000 buried soldiers from many countries.

  1. plunged deeply into something: She looked in shock at the mayor, who was calmly taking the buried knife out of his chest without spilling a drop of blood.

  2. covered or concealed; made hard to find: One of the best reasons for the poem’s effectiveness as propaganda is its barely buried exposé of the true engine of war: fear.

  3. put out of one’s mind: These pages of fiction woke me up to the buried emotions left from a relationship that nearly cost me my life as a teen.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of bury.

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  • half-bur·ied, adjective
  • un·bur·ied, adjective
  • well-bur·ied, adjective

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