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  1. slang.
    a period of fast driving
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Example Sentences

Any crops grown without irrigation were left to burn up in the fields.

I went along with what I inherited from Hollywood—that vampires burn up in the sun.

Whenever this movie you two are talking about gets released, I predict it's going to burn up the screen.

I charge nothing for the lodging—only do not sit up late and burn up the candles, for Therese will scold.

Burn up the products of fatigue, replace them with fresh cells full of oxygen, and you get rejuvenation.

"It's a wonder we didn't burn up at that velocity," said Fuller.

What little wood had been collected was old; it would burn up with false flare, only to die quickly.

Ef yu takes my wice yu'll burn up dem ole sojer gyarments und tell ole Mars Jon yu is dun und cum back to stay.