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[ burnd-out ]


  1. rendered unserviceable or ineffectual by maximum use; consumed:

    Check your outdoor lights and replace any burned-out bulbs.

  2. exhausted or made listless through overwork, stress, or intemperance.
  3. deprived of one's regular place to live, work, etc., by a destructive fire.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of burned-out1

First recorded in 1805–15

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Example Sentences

In the last days of the Soviet Union, there was a going black market in burned-out light-bulbs.

In point of fact, the mass vilification of the league, which peaked a month ago, burned out as quickly as it ignited.

Both of them argue that they were simply burned out after four years at the helm, and it was just time to move on.

Two burned-out cars at the site were full of bullet holes fired from the side, not the front.

After a year and a half of eighty-hour weeks, writing, editing, settling squabbles, he was all but burned out.

When the last scarlo is burned out a funeral march is played and all disperse to their homes.

The very soil in which it grew must be burned out with the flame of avenging justice.

Her eyes, too, had a curious hard opaque look, as if the old voluptuous fires had burned out; and she seemed ever on her guard.

When the fire's over, or Mr. Hofer lets me, I'll come back and do something for those poor wretches that have been burned out.

The fire had been lighted; but it had long ago burned out, and the ashes were stone cold.





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