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business card


  1. a small card on which is printed, typically, a person's name, job title, firm, business address, and telephone number.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of business card1

First recorded in 1830–40
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Example Sentences

In his pocket he carries business cards for his handyman and maintenance company, always ready to give one out.

“I expect fewer handshakes and more elbow bumps, and we’re probably not going to drop our business card in a fishbowl anymore,” he said.

The woman met Porter in person only once, when the two exchanged business cards in a Yankee Stadium elevator in 2016.

Evelyn Topper’s contact information was printed on a business card he found inside the wallet, which also contained her driver’s license, roadside assistance card, several debit and credit cards, plus health-care cards.

Kobach compared connecting on LinkedIn to exchanging business cards at a conference.

From Digiday

But when he tried to snort the cocaine off a business card, he blew the wrong way and knocked the powder off the card.

Smiling, he handed me a business card with his information written in both English and Russian.

And you could do that when you had your badge and your business card.

He left his business card, walked out, and expected not to hear back.

They included laptops, a camera tripod, a studio light and even an Al Jazeera business card.

It's a business card of the Apex Glass Works with the representative's name ripped off!

As the waiter brought coffee, he pulled out his wallet and showed the boys his identity card, driver's license, and business card.

It was, in fact, his business card, and the Superintendent regarded him with respectful interest.

"Come round to my warehouse—here is my business card—tomorrow morning," said the merchant.

Harry handed him a business card and he carried it into a private office in the rear.


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