business education


  1. education for general knowledge of business practices.
  2. training in specific skills useful in business, such as typing and shorthand.

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Example Sentences

Women account for 41% of students in full-time MBA programs at the 56 member schools of the Forté Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates for women’s access to business education and released the new enrollment figures on Friday.

From Time

By focusing on business education, mentoring, networking, and access to capital, Goldman is bringing all its resources to bear.

He applied himself to books, and secured, as the ripe fruit of his studious habits, a fair business education.

Next year, if you like, we will take up the matter of your business education.

I could not experiment on the small fund which my father had given Frank for his business education.

President Young further impressed upon young ladies the necessity of some sort of business education.

Business education of collegiate grade is a very recent development.





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