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[boo s-tuh-mahn-tey; for 1 also Spanish boos-tah-mahn-te]
  1. A·nas·ta·sio [ah-nahs-tah-syaw] /ˌɑ nɑsˈtɑ syɔ/, 1780–1853, Mexican military and political leader: president 1830–32, 1837–41.
  2. Sir (William) Alexander,1884–1977, Jamaican political leader: prime minister 1962–67.
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Historical Examples

  • As Bustamante advanced towards the coast his army melted away.

    Mexico, Aztec, Spanish and Republican Vol. 1 of 2

    Brantz Mayer

  • Father Bustamante was an aged priest, who had been particularly kind to my uncle on his first arrival in Malaga.

  • Father Bustamante breathed his last before daylight; my uncle took to his bed, and never rose more.

  • His power was audaciously used to cripple Bustamante, suppress liberty, gain partisans and benefit himself and his friends.

  • April 21 a general amnesty for political offences was declared in the vain hope of producing harmony (76to Bustamante, Apr. 21).