[ buht-er-fish ]
/ 藞b蕦t 蓹r藢f瑟蕛 /
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noun, plural (especially collectively) but路ter路fish路es, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) but路ter路fish.
a small, flattened, marine food fish, Peprilus triacanthus, of Atlantic coastal waters of the United States, having very small scales and smooth skin.
the rock gunnel.See under gunnel1.
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Origin of butterfish

First recorded in 1665鈥75; butter + fish
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How to use butterfish in a sentence

  • Strain and return to the kettle; add the flounder and butterfish in pieces as large as possible, 陆 lb.

    Allied Cookery|Grace Glergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue

British Dictionary definitions for butterfish

/ (藞b蕦t蓹藢f瑟蕛) /

noun plural -fish or -fishes
an eel-like blennioid food fish, Pholis gunnellus, occurring in North Atlantic coastal regions: family Pholidae (gunnels). It has a slippery scaleless golden brown skin with a row of black spots along the base of the long dorsal fin
Also called: greenbone, (M膩ori) marari an edible reef fish, Coridodax pullus, of esp S New Zealand. It has a slippery purplish-grey to olive-green skin and is often found browsing on kelp
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