[ buht-n ]
/ ˈbʌt n /


verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to be capable of being buttoned: This coat buttons, but that one zips.

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Origin of button

1275–1325; Middle English boto(u)n < Anglo-French: rosehip, button, stud; Middle French boton, equivalent to boter to butt3 + -on noun suffix

Related forms


[ buht-n ]
/ ˈbʌt n /


Richard Tot·ten [tot-n] /ˈtɒt n/, Dick, born 1929, U.S. figure skater.
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British Dictionary definitions for button


/ (ˈbʌtən) /



See also buttons, button up

Derived Formsbuttoner, nounbuttonless, adjectivebuttony, adjective

Word Origin for button

C14: from Old French boton, from boter to thrust, butt, of Germanic origin; see butt ³

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Medicine definitions for button


[ bŭtn ]


A knoblike structure, device, or lesion.

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Idioms and Phrases with button


In addition to the idioms beginning with button

  • button one's lip
  • button up

also see:

  • cute as a button
  • have all one's buttons
  • on the button
  • push (press) someone's buttons
  • push the panic button
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