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buy up


  1. to purchase all, or all that is available, of (something)
  2. commerce to purchase a controlling interest in (a company, etc), as by the acquisition of shares

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Idioms and Phrases

Purchase all that is available, as in They want to buy up all the land in this area . This term was first recorded in a law enacted under Henry VIII: “They buy up all manner of fish.”

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Example Sentences

Instead, we were continuing to try to buy up some of the stuff in the market.

Through go-betweens, he even managed to buy up Ukrainian media.

In April, the GSA announced the federal government will buy up to 10,000 new hybrid vehicles.

Basically, the notion is that you buy up distressed debt for pennies on the dollar, and then cancel it.

The Fed will keep interest rates low for several years and aggressively buy up bonds, Ben Bernanke announced today.

Many growers not only pack their own crop, but buy up that of others, thus acting as both producer and buyer.

Buy up the men, maybe, and start fights, and be sort of forced to take charge so's to get my drive through.

Mr. Richards has been known, to buy up a drove of cattle at one time.

British capitalists buy up her convents and nunneries, to turn them into woollen mills.

We must get rid of the rich mob too; and by the rich mob I mean the men who buy up these vagabonds.


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