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/ ˈbaɪˌbæk /


  1. commerce the repurchase by a company of some or all of its shares from an investor, who acquired them by putting venture capital into the company when it was formed

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Example Sentences

Alexandre went so far as to buy back a Degas from its illicit owners.

"Even the richest man can't buy back his past," announced a Rick Perry ad last October.

We have a strong liquidity position which has allowed us to buy back debt as well as make significant acquisitions.

The worker, not receiving the full product of his labor, can not buy back all he produces.

I bet I could go to that Klondike place and pick up enough gold to buy back the Tarwater lands.

He will buy back the remains of Montrichard, and will prevent the ruin of the Chteau de Langeais.

I must work hard and get money; and then we will repair the old tower and buy back the old estate.

A couple of thousand dollars will buy back her home and let her live in peace.