[ bahy-in ]

  1. an act or instance of buying in.

  2. the deliberate submission of a false bid, too low to be met, in order to win a contract.

  1. Poker. the chips purchased by a player from the banker, occasionally a set amount required to enter a specific competition or game.

Origin of buy-in

Noun use of verb phrase buy in

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British Dictionary definitions for buy in

buy in

  1. (tr) to buy back for the owner (an item in an auction) at or below the reserve price

  2. (intr) to purchase shares in a company

  1. (intr) to buy goods or securities on the open market against a defaulting seller, charging this seller with any market differences

  2. Also: buy into (tr) US informal to pay money to secure a position or place for (someone, esp oneself) in some organization, esp a business or club

  3. to purchase (goods, etc) in large quantities: to buy in for the winter

  1. the purchase of a company by a manager or group who does not work for that company

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