[ bahy-in ]
/ ˈbaɪˌɪn /
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an act or instance of buying in.
the deliberate submission of a false bid, too low to be met, in order to win a contract.
Poker. the chips purchased by a player from the banker, occasionally a set amount required to enter a specific competition or game.
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Origin of buy-in

Noun use of verb phrase buy in
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How to use buy-in in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for buy-in

buy in

verb (adverb)
(tr) to buy back for the owner (an item in an auction) at or below the reserve price
(intr) to purchase shares in a company
(intr) to buy goods or securities on the open market against a defaulting seller, charging this seller with any market differences
Also: buy into (tr) US informal to pay money to secure a position or place for (someone, esp oneself) in some organization, esp a business or club
to purchase (goods, etc) in large quantitiesto buy in for the winter
noun buy-in
the purchase of a company by a manager or group who does not work for that company
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