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buy out


  1. to purchase the ownership, controlling interest, shares, etc, of (a company, etc)
  2. to gain the release of (a person) from the armed forces by payment of money
  3. to pay (a person) once and for all to give up (property, interest, etc)


  1. the purchase of a company, esp by its former management or staff See also leveraged buyout management buyout

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Idioms and Phrases

Purchase the entire stock, business rights, or interests of a concern. For example, A rival store owner offered to buy out my grandfather, but he refused , [Late 1200s]

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Example Sentences

The deal he, Beard, and Rob Hoffman had struck with Simmons had stipulated a complex stock buy-out after five years.

The buy-out had drained the Lampoon's resources, and an infusion of fresh cash was urgently needed.

They also encouraged faith leaders to buy 1,000 or more advance tickets, or even to buy out an entire theater.

Private equity firms thus come to financially distressed corporations and offer to buy out the existing shareholders.

Wasserstein quickly resurrected Lazard—and would soon buy out David-Weill to take control of the firm.

I can now make my purchase of the house and buildings, and buy out my partner at the end of a year.

Suppose we buy out the stockholders of United States Steel, and issue to them government bonds, what have we accomplished?

Im looking out for a partner who will buy out Leverich and Martin, and weve got a chance yetIll swear we have!

Suppose he was to buy out this schoolboy enterprise at the end of the year and take it into his own hands?

It was through him that I could at last afford to give up the sea and buy out the Jolly Rover.


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