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  1. James Francis, 1879–1972, U.S. statesman and jurist: secretary of state 1945–47.
  2. Joseph Wellington, 1869–1936, U.S. lawyer: Speaker of the House 1935–36.

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Example Sentences

You probably won’t notice immediate improvements, but Byrnes says training adaptations will likely occur within two to four weeks of beginning a solid exercise program.

If you’ve never run a marathon, for example, a month of training won’t prepare you for one, Byrnes says.

Byrnes explains that muscles adapt in a variety of ways to reduce the stress of performing vigorous exercise and that those changes happen more fluidly when the muscles have been conditioned to adapt.

The “big advantage” of gliding is that it saves colugos time, Byrnes says.

"One of Byrnes's men" was a much more awe-inspiring individual to Gallegher than a member of the Cabinet.

Superintendent Byrnes ordered me to make direct bon fide excise arrests where liquor was sold on Sunday.

John L. Roberts, a mason, had known Byrnes by name for a year, but had never heard him spoken of.

I was sitting within the bar, next to the railing, which was between me and Byrnes and the other officer.

Mr. Byrnes was near, and so were others of the counsel with you.