1. a skilled manual worker, or a manual worker with responsibility for other people
    2. ( as adjective )

      C2 worker

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Example Sentences

Perhaps the most interesting and indeed relevant of this is the C2 (or Command and Control) addresses found in the malware.

The next step, Level C, had only two options: either he was away for some other reason (C1), or he had gone to see the Devi (C2).

C2 was clearly preferable, since the disparate strands needed to entwine.

Now in B the length e f was only twice b c; but in C, e2 f2 will be found more than twice that of b2 c2.

This is done by providing beforehand a dummy at c´, closely resembling the object at c2.

It will be seen that the ray of greatest range is that proceeding from thorium C2, which reaches a distance of 8.6 cms.

Each of the yokes c2 is slotted vertically to admit an eccentric c4 turning on a pivot therein.

The spindle A has the two cones screwed on it, one C1 against a shoulder, the other C2 adjustable.