cabbage butterfly


  1. any white or chiefly white butterfly of the family Pieridae, as Pieris rapae, the larvae of which feed on the leaves of cabbages and other related plants.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cabbage butterfly1

First recorded in 1810–20

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Example Sentences

I’m thinking of flea beetles on arugula and eggplant, potato beetles on spuds, and cabbage butterfly worms and harlequin bugs on cabbages and related varieties.

There are several species of ichneumon which make thinnings among the caterpillars of the cabbage butterfly.

Mr. Moore: No; this maggot is on the root, the cabbage butterfly lays its eggs on the leaf.

It is the group to which our common cabbage butterfly belongs and the ground colour is generally white.

As he approached, a cabbage-butterfly, fluttering about the place lit on the straw hat of one of the dignitaries.

The larvæ of the cabbage-butterfly sometimes do a great deal of harm by eating the cabbage leaves.


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