cabbage palm

  1. any of several palms, especially those of the genus Euterpe, having terminal leaf buds that are eaten as a vegetable or in salads.

Origin of cabbage palm

First recorded in 1765–75

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How to use cabbage palm in a sentence

  • There were palms and wild figs in abundance, and with cabbage-palm hearts as a substitute their meat diet was abandoned.

    The Rogue Elephant | Elliott Whitney
  • Doors and windows may be made of wickerwork of liana, of split cabbage palm, or of a frame of sticks thatched with palm leaves.

  • What I call the umbrella palm, but what they call here the cabbage palm—a sort of Zamia alsophila—grew abundantly in groups.

    The Last Voyage | Lady (Annie Allnutt) Brassey
  • As we approached the harbour, the cabbage palm became rarer, and entirely disappeared at the head of it.

  • The sacrifice element in the Christian life is further illustrated in another kind of palm known as the cabbage palm.

    The Palm Tree Blessing | W. E. Shepard

British Dictionary definitions for cabbage palm

cabbage palm

  1. a West Indian palm, Roystonea (or Oreodoxa) oleracea, whose leaf buds are eaten like cabbage

  2. a similar Brazilian palm, Euterpe oleracea

  1. an Australian palm tree, Livistona australis

  2. any of several plants of the genus Cordyline, grown as ornamentals: family Agavaceae

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