Cabernet Sauvignon

[ kab-er-ney-soh-vin-yohn; French ka-ber-ney soh-vee-nyawn ]
/ ˌkæb ərˈneɪ ˌsoʊ vɪnˈyõʊ̃; French ka bɛr neɪ soʊ viˈnyɔ̃ /
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a premium red grape used in winemaking, especially in the Bordeaux region of France and in northern California.
a dry red wine made from this grape.
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Also called Ca·ber·net .

Origin of Cabernet Sauvignon

<French cabernet variety of red grape <Médoc dialect, also carbenet, carmenet; sauvignon,Middle French sarvinien name applied regionally to various grape varieties; both words of obscure origin

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British Dictionary definitions for Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon
/ (ˈkæbəneɪ ˈsəʊvɪnjɒn, French kabɛrnɛ soviɲɔ̃) /

noun (sometimes not capitals)
a black grape originally grown in the Bordeaux area of France, and now throughout the wine-producing world
any of various red wines made from this grape
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