caddis worm



the aquatic larva of a caddis fly, which constructs a protective case around itself made of silk, sand, stones, etcAlso called: caseworm, strawworm

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Historical Examples of caddis worm

  • The Caddis-worm does not need to cling to the grasses any longer.

    Insect Adventures

    J. Henri Fabre

  • The particular species of Caddis-worm I have chosen is found in muddy-bottomed, stagnant pools crammed with small reeds.

    Insect Adventures

    J. Henri Fabre

  • The insect I mean is the caddis-worm, which is to be found sometimes in ponds, and very often in springs of fresh water.

  • Ernst H.—Your insect from Colorado answers the description of the caddis-worm.

  • Every fisherman knows the Caddis-worm, which is the larval form of the Caddis-fly.

    Old Flies in New Dresses

    Charles Edward Walker