[ kad-l-ak; French ka-dee-yak ]


  1. An·toine de la Mothe [ah, n, -, twan, d, uh, l, a, , mawt], 1657?–1730, French colonial governor in North America: founder of Detroit.
  2. a city in NW Michigan.

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Example Sentences

After Wayne succeeded in the National Hockey League, he bought his parents a blue Cadillac for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Mother’s intuition kicks in, and Kim surprises Edgar, who is no longer allowed onto the bus, with a Cadillac that has a hands-free cruise function.

GM revealed Tuesday a Cadillac-branded electric vertical takeoff and landing drone concept that is designed — if it’s ever built — to let owners cruise the skies in isolated luxury.

As with similar technology from Cadillac and Volvo, FSD is considered an advanced driver-assistance system, or ADAS.

From Fortune

The product is there, and it’s really about getting the energy and the boldness of Cadillac out and really helping people understand what our product portfolio is.

From Digiday

The Metropolitan Opera is the old-school Cadillac of arts institutions.

“Adam and I rented a pink Cadillac and spent a super drunken weekend at Graceland about 20 years ago,” says Thompson.

By the way, a mint condition 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible can now sell for as much as $350,000.

Can the new guys at Cadillac pull off the same trick—reassert the core American appeal of the brand?

That, too, is the test for Cadillac—to resuscitate a legend.

Joy was off in the direction of the garage and in no time at all she was back in my Cadillac convertible.

From this it will be seen that, in the words of one of his enemies, Cadillac "was not quite in the odor of sanctity."

Cadillac had asked for five or six families as the modest beginning of a settlement; but not one had appeared.

Ponchartrain accepted the plan, and Cadillac returned to Canada commissioned to execute it.

Cadillac denounced the petition as seditious, threatened to hang the bearer of it, and deigned no other answer.