café chantant

[ kaf-ey shahn-tahn, ka-fey, kuh-; French ka-fey shahn-tahn ]

noun,plural ca·fés chan·tants [kaf-ey shahn-tahnz, ka-fey, kuh-; French ka-fey shahn-tahn]. /ˈkæf eɪ ʃɑnˈtɑ̃z, kæˈfeɪ, kə-; French ka feɪ ʃɑ̃ˈtɑ̃/.
  1. an intimate cabaret offering sophisticated musical entertainment.

Origin of café chantant

1850–55; <French: literally, musical café, café where concerts are held

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How to use café chantant in a sentence

  • A band was playing in a cafe chantant hidden somewhere among the trees, and a woman had just stopped singing.

    The Man Who Was Thursday | G. K. Chesterton
  • Sprightly notes from the song of a cafe chantant hovered on his thin, dry lips.

  • The thing's written like a cafe chantant skit, not a political satire.

    The Gadfly | E. L. Voynich
  • It is held in a salle de cafe chantant—style Louis Quinze—decorated with a pastoral scene from Watteau.

    The Parisians, Complete | Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • Before a curtain, over which the words Cafe Chantant were written in coloured lamps, two men were counting money on a salver.

    Dubliners | James Joyce