[ kuh-hoh-kee-uh ]


  1. a city in SW Illinois.

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Example Sentences

Roughly a third of the population came to Cahokia from other areas in middle America, based on the varying strontium levels in the dental fragments.

It’s even possible that people traveled from outside of Cahokia just to attend these gatherings.

Other experts believe that fighting with neighboring groups may have caused Cahokia’s fall.

As for why Cahokia fell, a few theories have come into play, but with conflicting evidence.

In the Americas, archaeologists are looking at how indigenous cities like Cahokia in today’s southern Illinois were settled by people born elsewhere.

Had the British forces immediately pushed on, this same scene might have been repeated at Kaskaskia and Cahokia.

They even gave Clark a volunteer company 187 to march with him upon Cahokia, and that village, too, soon became American.

Permanent garrisons were placed at Vincennes and Cahokia, and at Kaskaskia.

Cahokia is the great mound near St. Louis, on the Illinois side of the river.

Black men had been thrown into Cahokia Creek and stormed with bricks each time they rose to the surface until drowned.





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