1. computer-assisted instruction.


abbreviation for

  1. computer-aided instruction

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Word History and Origins

Origin of CAI1

First recorded in 1965–70

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Example Sentences

One green-eyed man, nicknamed “Cai the Roman,” became an instant celebrity due to his decidedly Roman physical characteristics.

CAI says 170; my own tiny random sample and the 60 Minutes investigation indicate that there are probably a lot less.

But this statement is contradicted by the way CAI actually conducts its business.

Problem is, several of the Dirty Dozen harnessed their “untapped resourcefulness” to loot a mountain of money from CAI.

As an ex-CAI employee told me, “Greg did not like people discovering things.”

Vasari, George, claims the invention of chiaro-scuro engraving for Ugo da Cai, 230.

Cain't you see nothin', you dash-dashed aig-suckin', sheep-stealin', one-eyed son of a stuffed monkey!'

De gyahd, he cain't go; he willin' sen' de message, but cain't git nobody come nigh enough de place fer to tell 'em what it is.

Ef she cain't wait fu' me she don' want me, an' I won't roller her erroun' an' be in de way.

The stolen cattle'll have new brands an' the crooks that's hidin' here will be hidin' where they cain't be found.


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