or caj·a·put, caj·u·put

[kaj-uh-puh t, -poo t]
  1. a tree, Melaleuca leucadendron, of the myrtle family, native to Australia and New Guinea, having papery bark and yielding a greenish, aromatic oil (cajeput oil) used in medicine and perfumes.

Origin of cajeput

< New Latin cajuputi < Dutch kajoe-poetih(-olie) < Malay kayu putih the cajeput tree (kayu white + putih tree)
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  1. a small myrtaceous tree or shrub, Melaleuca leucadendron, native to the East Indies and Australia, with whitish flowers and leaves
  2. a green aromatic oil derived from this tree, used to treat skin diseases
  3. a lauraceous tree, Umbellularia californica, whose aromatic leaves are used in medicine

Word Origin for cajuput

C18: from Malay kayu puteh, from kayu wood + puteh white


  1. a variant spelling of cajuput
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