/ (kəˈlæbrɪən) /

  1. of or relating to Calabria or its inhabitants

  1. a native or inhabitant of Calabria

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How to use Calabrian in a sentence

  • It calls for Calabrian oregano on the branch, which if you can get from your local Italian food store, is always worth the effort.

  • Maragliano turned to the little group, that stood aloof around the clay of the Calabrian Peasant, and called out, 'Bazzoni!'

  • But first, if you will wait and see, in ten minutes his Calabrian Peasant will come all to pieces.'

  • Was that man's heart as cold and hard as the marble from which he cut his weeping nymphs and Calabrian peasants?

  • I have run too often barefoot over our Calabrian mountains, to tingle at the sole with every fancy of that sort.

    The Bravo | J. Fenimore Cooper
  • The Calabrian was not slow to answer; and in a few moments the padrone and his two visitors were in close and secret conference.

    The Bravo | J. Fenimore Cooper