any plant of the genus Calceolaria, of the figwort family, various species of which are cultivated for their slipperlike flowers.

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Origin of calceolaria

1840–50; < New Latin, equivalent to Latin calceol(us) small shoe (calce(us) shoe + -olus -ole1) + -āria -aria

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Examples from the Web for calceolaria

  • Suppression of the upper lip in such flowers as Calceolaria has been termed by Morren "apilary."

    Vegetable Teratology|Maxwell T. Masters
  • Every child in our town used to have a Calceolaria in her own small garden plot, but I never wanted one.

    Old-Time Gardens|Alice Morse Earle

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any tropical American scrophulariaceous plant of the genus Calceolaria: cultivated for its speckled slipper-shaped flowersAlso called: slipperwort

Word Origin for calceolaria

C18: from Latin calceolus small shoe, from calceus

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