calcium phosphate

  1. any of several phosphates of calcium occurring naturally in some rocks and in animal bones, used as a fertilizer and food additive as well as in baking powder and dentifrices.

Origin of calcium phosphate

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British Dictionary definitions for calcium phosphate

calcium phosphate

  1. the insoluble nonacid calcium salt of orthophosphoric acid (phosphoric(V) acid): it occurs in bones and is the main constituent of bone ash. Formula: Ca 3 (PO 4) 2
  2. any calcium salt of a phosphoric acid. Calcium phosphates are found in many rocks and used esp in fertilizers
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calcium phosphate in Science

calcium phosphate

  1. Any of three powdery phosphates of calcium:
  2. A colorless powder used in baking powders, as a plant food, as a plastic stabilizer, and in glass. Calcium phosphate is deliquescent, and will dissolve in the water it absorbs from the atmosphere if it is not kept in a closed container. Chemical formula: Ca(H2PO4)2.
  3. A white crystalline powder used as an animal food, as a plastic stabilizer, and in glass and toothpaste. Chemical formula: CaHPO4.
  4. A white powder that is used in ceramics, rubber, fertilizers, and for various purposes in the food industry. Chemical formula: Ca3(PO4)2.
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