/ ˌkælɪˈfɔːnɪən /


  1. of or relating to California or its inhabitants


  1. a native or inhabitant of California
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Example Sentences

There are photos of what looks like a scruffy Californian kid in a T-shirt, taking a break from skateboarding.

Both valleys are lodestars of the Californian wine industry.

But travel was rare—Sinatra liked to remain at home in his Californian compound.

If you need a reminder, watch Prince of Thieves; he was the only actor in 12th-century Nottingham speaking Californian.

The Daily Pic: Just when he hit it big with geology, the Californian turned to sociology.

This message was from the steamship Californian to the steamship Antillian, but was picked up by the Titanic.

It is here necessary to consider the circumstances relating to the steamship Californian.

In his opinion this steamer was of about the same size as the Californian—a medium-sized steamer, "something like ourselves."

The Californian heard none of the Titanic's messages; she had only one Marconi operator on board and he was asleep.

After this expedition the Spanish continued the exploration of the Californian coast.





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