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call back

  1. Ask someone to return; also, ask that something be returned, as in He passed the first audition and was waiting to be called back , or These screws are defective; the manufacturer has called them back . [Late 1500s]

  2. call someone back . Telephone someone in return, as in May I call you back next week? [Early 1900s]

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Example Sentences

He doesn't call back, nor does he come in the studio the next day.

Then he'd call back the next day and say the trip had been delayed.

“We always call back to something from our previous shows,” explained Seguin.

When her father found out, he forced her to call back and tell CPS she had been lying, and no one from the agency followed up.

They insisted on a call back from them to me before flashing the bulletin.

She wondered if he saw through her pitiable attempt to call back the words that had flung themselves upon him.

Did you express any surprise for him to call back almost immediately giving you the same message that he had given previously?

Maybe they would have radio communication after they got there and he would call back and say, Hello, Mom!

He promised to call back in an hour or two, when he had been to the station and found out about the trains for us.

With a short-tempered bang, Smith hung up, after saying that he would call back later.