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call out


  1. to utter aloud, esp loudly
  2. tr to summon
  3. tr to order (workers) to strike
  4. tr to summon (an employee) to work at a time outside his normal working hours, usually in an emergency
  5. tr to challenge to a duel

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Example Sentences

Of course, to call out pinkwashing is not to deny the facts.

The comedian was right to call out Bill Cosby, but his material is littered with jokes about rape.

Another who managed to call out said he survived the massacre because he was hiding under the bodies of other victims.

He used his last breath to call out a warning to the five other soldiers around him.

She also recommended that men call out friends who make sexist comments.

One large gray parrot had learned her name, and would call out, "Good-morning, Susan!"

She was just about to call out to reassure them when a sound in the passageway behind her made her hold her breath in suspense.

Strike three blows on the door, and call out: 'On service from Messieurs de Guise!'

Southward sailed King Harald with his host alongside the land, so that he might call out a general muster of men and ships.

"Call out the guard en parade them colors," he commanded as he dismounted and assisted Davy down.


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