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  1. c360–327 b.c., Greek philosopher: chronicled Alexander the Great's conquests.
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Historical Examples of callisthenes

  • And Alexander was more savage than usual in his behaviour to Callisthenes and Clitus.

    Plutarch's Morals


  • Callisthenes is also quoted by Plutarch (Alex., 27) in regard to this prodigy.

    The Anabasis of Alexander

    Arrian of Nicomedia

  • There could be if the Government would appoint a Callisthenes of their own and set the eager pen similarly to work.

  • Among those who thus accompanied him was Callisthenes, a relative and pupil of Aristotle, destined for an evil end.

  • Yet Polybius tries to prove that there was not room even for the 60,000 troops mentioned by Callisthenes.

    The Anabasis of Alexander

    Arrian of Nicomedia