[ kuh-lip-truh ]

  1. Also called cap. a hood or hoodlike part, as the lid of the capsule in mosses.

  2. a root cap.

Origin of calyptra

1745–55; <New Latin <Greek kalýptra veil, covering, equivalent to kalýp(tein) to veil, cover + -tra noun suffix

Other words from calyptra

  • ca·lyp·trate [kuh-lip-treyt], /kəˈlɪp treɪt/, adjective

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How to use calyptra in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for calyptra


/ (kəˈlɪptrə) /

  1. a membranous hood covering the spore-bearing capsule of mosses and liverworts

  2. any hoodlike structure, such as a root cap

Origin of calyptra

C18: from New Latin, from Greek kaluptra hood, from kaluptein to cover

Derived forms of calyptra

  • calyptrate (kəˈlɪpˌtreɪt), adjective

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Scientific definitions for calyptra


[ kə-lĭptrə ]

  1. In some bryophyte plants, a structure that covers the young sporophyte as it develops within the tissues of its gametophyte parent. The calyptra, which consists of a thickening of the archegonium walls, eventually breaks open as the spore capsule grows.

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