/ kampaˈnɛlla /


  1. CampanellaTommaso15681639MItalianPHILOSOPHY: philosopherRELIGION: clergyman Tommaso. 1568–1639, Italian philosopher and Dominican friar. During his imprisonment by the Spaniards (1599–1626) he wrote his celebrated utopian fantasy, La città del sole .

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Example Sentences

Campanella also suggests another byproduct of hipster gentrification: a dearth of families.

Miss California Alyssa Campanella was crowned Miss USA Sunday.

His friend Naude, however, declares that the expressions used by Campanella were wrongly interpreted as revolutionary.

Campanella, the Dominican monk, was sent into exile on account of his belief in the successive returns of the soul to earth.

Yesterday he played us a study of Paganini's, arranged by himself, and also his Campanella.

This will bring you fairly abreast of the gulf and about midway between the two capes, a little west of south from Campanella.

As soon as seated, he shoved off, and held his way toward the point of Campanella, then distant about three leagues.





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