[ kan-l-ik-yuh-luhs ]

noun,plural can·a·lic·u·li [kan-l-ik-yuh-lahy]. /ˌkæn lˈɪk yəˌlaɪ/. Anatomy, Zoology.
  1. a small canal or tubular passage, as in bone.

Origin of canaliculus

1555–65; <Latin, equivalent to canāli(s) canal + -culus-cule1

Other words from canaliculus

  • can·a·lic·u·lar, can·a·lic·u·late [kan-l-ik-yuh-lit, -yuh-leyt], /ˌkæn lˈɪk yə lɪt, -yəˌleɪt/, can·a·lic·u·lat·ed, adjective
  • can·a·lic·u·la·tion [kan-l-ik-yuh-ley-shuhn], /ˌkæn lˌɪk yəˈleɪ ʃən/, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for canaliculus


/ (ˌkænəˈlɪkjʊləs) /

nounplural -li (-ˌlaɪ)
  1. a small channel, furrow, or groove, as in some bones and parts of plants

Origin of canaliculus

C16: from Latin: a little channel, from canālis canal

Derived forms of canaliculus

  • canalicular, canaliculate (ˌkænəˈlɪkjʊlɪt, -ˌleɪt) or canaliculated, adjective

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