cancel out

Neutralize the effect of, offset, render void. For example, Anne's kindness to her neighbor could not cancel out her irritability. The verb cancel was used in this way by itself from the late 1400s; out was added in the early 1900s.

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How to use cancel out in a sentence

  • If you bring back a good report, perhaps we can cancel out certain—unfortunate items in your record.

    Derelict | Alan Edward Nourse
  • I had to cancel out the thrill that comes from challenging the unknown.

    Desire No More | Algirdas Jonas Budrys
  • I will vote to accept his application, and thus cancel out my colleague's negative vote.

    Star Surgeon | Alan Nourse
  • It began to cancel out its velocity away from the Platform, and to swim slowly and very carefully toward it.

    Space Tug | Murray Leinster
  • The ship couldn't land because its momentum was too great for the landing rockets to cancel out.

    Space Tug | Murray Leinster