[ kan-dl-lahyt ]


  1. the light of a candle.
  2. a dim artificial light.
  3. twilight; dusk.


/ ˈkændəlˌlaɪt /


    1. the light from a candle or candles

      they ate by candlelight

    2. ( as modifier )

      a candlelight dinner

  1. dusk; evening

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Word History and Origins

Origin of candlelight1

before 1000; Middle English candel-liht, Old English candel-lēoht. See candle, light 1

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Example Sentences

She has prepared a special evening that consists of dessert for two over candlelight, a gift and an announcement.

The men huddled in the passageway in the flickering candlelight.

Just see the candlelight on her face and just stare at her and just order dinner and never eat.

On Sunday night, a man was fatally shot near where a candlelight vigil was being held for Ocran.

The Haunting of Bly Manor ostensibly works off of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw, a novella I love so much that I make it a point to re-read it on Halloween, sometimes in the dark by candlelight.

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The conference had already scheduled a candlelight vigil for those who died of AIDS.

Obama happened to be in town the following Thursday, when there was a candlelight vigil for Rushing.

We see Tarly and Maester Aemon sitting up by candlelight, “trading tales of lost love”—until Aemon cuts them short.

In other moments, she appears angelic, as candlelight dances on her cherubic cheeks.

The vibe of the chain has been described as “yoga-flavored” with parts of classes conducted by candlelight.

We no longer live in an age when down-trodden laborers meet by candlelight with the ban of the law upon their meeting.

The people dined by candlelight, and the darkness of the night is represented as Egyptian.

Then, just as the candlelight was gasping and shimmering blue in the bowl of the candlestick, he fell asleep.

In the bewitching candlelight the keyboard trembled and shimmered like water to a low wind.

She opened the door, standing in bold relief against the candlelight, and shot her hands far into the dark night.