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Canes Venatici

[key-neez vuh-nat-uh-sahy]
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noun, genitive Ca·num Ve·nat·i·co·rum [key-nuh m vuh-nat-i-kawr-uh m, -kohr-] /ˈkeɪ nəm vəˌnæt ɪˈkɔr əm, -ˈkoʊr-/. Astronomy.
  1. the Hunting Dogs, a small northern constellation south of Ursa Major.
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Origin of Canes Venatici

From Latin
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British Dictionary definitions for canes venatici

Canes Venatici

noun Latin genitive Canum Venaticorum (ˈkɑːnəm vɪˌnætɪˈkɔːrəm)
  1. a small faint constellation in the N hemisphere near Ursa Major that contains the globular cluster M3 and the spiral whirlpool galaxy M51
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Word Origin

Latin: hunting dogs
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