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  1. The pointed teeth in the front of the mouth (two on the top and two on the bottom) next to the incisors . These teeth are also known as the eyeteeth.

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And with this first step he takes on a humdinger of a theological problem: Why do bad things happen to good canines?

The show included only a few canines, two of which belonged to the designer Ada Nieves.

The project aims to teach canines how to operate vehicles and encourage the adoption of service dogs.

Unlike most canines, dingoes are capable of rotating their wrists.

His teeth were larger than normal on earth, and the incisors smaller and more pointed, the canines heavier and longer.

Next is found a single tooth on each side (four in all); these have rather sharp points and are called the canines.

They eat the flesh of canines with a relish that places all Government rations at a discount.

Between the sixth and tenth years all the front teeth appear, followed by the canines before the twelfth year.

Then while she bit on it, he placed a wire loop over her nose, slowly tightening it, leaving the stick back of her big canines.


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