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  1. Official enrollment of a dead person as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church .

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Example Sentences

Her canonization was finalized in 1946, with the Vatican declaring her Patroness of Immigrants in 1950.

On the eve of the double-barreled canonization, the skies over Rome boomed with thunder and poured with rain.

The double canonization may not be good for some Catholics, but no one can argue that it is not good for business.

But De Niro gets as many mulligans as he wants on the path to canonization.

The canonization of saints proceeds very slowly in the modern Church.

That part of the Bull of canonization serves as so apt a commentary on Alexander's words that we quote it in full.

This incident must be regarded as quite authentic, for reference is made to it in the process of our Saint's canonization.

The movement, already on foot, to obtain his canonization received thereby a new and powerful impetus.

The result this time was satisfactory, and the Pontiff felt himself bound to proceed with the canonization.