[ kan-tuh-tree-chey, -trees; Italian kahn-tah-tree-che; French kahn-ta-trees ]
/ ˌkæn təˈtri tʃeɪ, -ˈtris; Italian ˌkɑn tɑˈtri tʃɛ; French kɑ̃ taˈtris /

noun, plural can·ta·tri·ces [kan-tuh-tree-cheyz, -tree-siz; French kahn-ta-trees] /ˌkæn təˈtri tʃeɪz, -ˈtri sɪz; French kɑ̃ taˈtris/, can·ta·tri·ci [kan-tuh-tree-chee; Italian kahn-tah-tree-chee] /ˌkæn təˈtri tʃi; Italian ˌkɑn tɑˈtri tʃi/.

a professional female singer especially of opera.

Origin of cantatrice

(< F) < Italian < Late Latin cantātrīc-, stem of cantātrīx female singer; see cantor, -trix Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (French kɑ̃tatris) /


a female singer, esp a professional soloist
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