[ kan-tuh-tree-chey, -trees; Italian kahn-tah-tree-che; French kahn-ta-trees ]

noun,plural can·ta·tri·ces [kan-tuh-tree-cheyz, -tree-siz; French kahn-ta-trees], /ˌkæn təˈtri tʃeɪz, -ˈtri sɪz; French kɑ̃ taˈtris/, can·ta·tri·ci [kan-tuh-tree-chee; Italian kahn-tah-tree-chee]. /ˌkæn təˈtri tʃi; Italian ˌkɑn tɑˈtri tʃi/.
  1. a professional female singer especially of opera.

Origin of cantatrice

First recorded in 1800–05; from French or directly from Italian, from Late Latin cantātrīc-, stem of cantātrīx “female singer”; see origin at cantor, -trix

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How to use cantatrice in a sentence

  • He spared no temptation to induce the Italian cantatrice to remain.

    Great Singers, First Series | George T. Ferris
  • She had a glorious voice and, as Madame Biscacianti, subsequently attained fame as a cantatrice.

    My Friends at Brook Farm | John Van Der Zee Sears
  • At St. Petersburg she was nominated premire cantatrice, an honor never previously bestowed.

  • This lady engaged the cantatrice as a "noble companion," and she hurried off with her into Italy.

    The Son of Clemenceau | Alexandre (fils) Dumas
  • A scene of the utmost confusion ensued, and the agitated cantatrice quitted the theatre, amid hisses and yells, in high dudgeon.

    Great Singers, First Series | George T. Ferris

British Dictionary definitions for cantatrice


/ (French kɑ̃tatris) /

  1. a female singer, esp a professional soloist

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