[ kahn-tee-yawn ]

  1. Ri·chard [ree-shar; English rich-erd], /riˈʃar; English ˈrɪtʃ ərd/, c1680–1734, French economist, born in Ireland.

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How to use Cantillon in a sentence

  • The most famous brewery for this style is Cantillon, the last and lone brewery operating solely within Brussels.

  • He joined in the general conversation determined to rout the brilliant Miss Cantillon, who knew so many things.

    Skippy Bedelle | Owen Johnson
  • On reaching the summit, Cantillon sprang on the corporal's shoulders—Jones was a very powerful, athletic man—and stood upright.

    Yule Logs | Various
  • Presently Cantillon gave a shout, and jumping down, ran back at full speed, followed by Corporal Jones.

    Yule Logs | Various
  • "Colored glasses on account of the glare of the snow," said Miss Cantillon.

    Skippy Bedelle | Owen Johnson
  • "They put glasses on cows in Russia," said Miss Cantillon importantly.

    Skippy Bedelle | Owen Johnson