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[ kan-vuh-sing ]


  1. the act or process of soliciting votes, subscriptions, opinions, etc., especially from individuals:

    Although social media definitely impacted their campaign, it was the door-to-door canvassing that made them successful.

  2. the act or process of examining or investigating something carefully, often through debate or discussion:

    As we can see from even a limited canvassing of the issues in education, the challenges we face at this time come from within and without.

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Example Sentences

Technically, no state's election is finished until canvasses are completed and all recounts and challenges are settled, or dismissed.

In Nevada, the loser of the election may request a recount within three working days of the final canvass of votes, no matter the margin — but they must be willing to put down a deposit to cover the estimated cost of the recount.

They make their own ads, run their own canvassing efforts, and have even started recruiting their own candidates.

“Tracting,” the LDS term for canvassing for converts, seems like utter hell.

Canvassing volunteers have been helping by going door to door and texting in for those without cell phone capacity.

Thousands of union workers are canvassing door-to-door, calling voters and campaigning against the candidate online.

This would give them a reason to go out canvassing again in the cold and rain just like they did in 2008.

I was passing the office of the opposition editor late at night after canvassing for votes all day.

Senator Foote is actively engaged in canvassing the state, urging the same views.

The next day the canvassing begins, and it is superfluous to state that bribery and corruption are rife.

Don Mateo had patronized them all, but his canvassing campaigns on their behalf did not prove successful.

On the morrow David started forth on a round of speech making, canvassing the entire district.