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[kah-pah-tahth, -tahs; English kap-uh-tahz]
noun, plural ca·pa·ta·ces [kah-pah-tah-thes, -ses; English kap-uh-tah-siz] /ˌkɑ pɑˈtɑ θɛs, -sɛs; English ˌkæp əˈtɑ sɪz/. Spanish.
  1. a foreman or supervisor.
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Historical Examples

  • "It is," agreed the magnificent Capataz de Cargadores, calmly.

    Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard

    Joseph Conrad

  • The Capataz was known to visit the old Dominican Convent at night.

  • It is indeed a name of honour for the Capataz of the Cargadores of Sulaco.

  • I have been making friends with this man called Nostromo, the Capataz.

  • And the Capataz laughed a little in response to the grins of the crowd.