or ca·piche, ca·pisce

[ kuh-peesh ]
/ kəˈpiʃ /
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interjection Slang.

Do you understand?
I understand.


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No matter how you spell it, capeesh can be a colorful way to check for someone's understanding with a some Italian gusto. Capisce?




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Origin of capeesh

<Italian capisce, third person singular present tense of capire “to understand”
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What does capeesh mean?

Capeesh is a slang interjection that asks a person if they understand, as in I need you to drop this off at your house and come right back. Capeesh?

Capeesh can also be used as an answer to signal that you understand what someone said, as in Capeesh! I’ll come right back.

Capeesh is most often used in fiction. When it’s used to ask someone if they understand, capeesh indicates that the person asking has some authority to make life unpleasant for their listener.

Capeesh can also be spelled as capiche or capisce. It is used by itself or to end a sentence, as in You aren’t going to stay home all day and play video games, capeesh?

Example: You’ve got until Friday to return my money, capeesh?

Where does capeesh come from?

It’s not certain when the first records of capeesh come from. It comes from the Italian capisce, a form of the verb capire, meaning “to understand.” The first records of capisce in English come from around 1904.

Likely because of its origin, capeesh and its other spellings are often used in pop culture depictions of Italian Americans or the American Mafia. Today, capeesh is used by all kinds of people but will still likely be most familiar to fans of gangster films and similar media.

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What are some other forms related to capeesh?

  • capiche (alternate spelling)
  • capisce (alternate spelling)

What are some words that often get used in discussing capeesh?

How is capeesh used in real life?

Capeesh is used to make sure that people have an understanding. It is often used to mimic the speech of Italian Americans.

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True or False?

Capeesh is used when a person is confused and is asking for more information from someone.